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    Avoid Plagiarism


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    Avoid Plagiarism Empty Avoid Plagiarism

    Post by Amazing on August 28th 2012, 7:52 am

    If ever that you will post an article from other sites, from books, etc. please take all the information that you can get from that source. Their website, the author, the poster, etc. It is one way of acknowledging them. I encourage everyone to participate. Do not post copied ideas from other authors without asking permission. Make sure to give credits to them by posting their website, posting their name, etc. But the best way is to ask permission from.

    Faculty and staff of this forum might be not under this rule because they can not post something without asking permission first to the source. They need to contact the author or the admin of the website before they can copy or get something from them.

    If you see a post like a news or articles that doesn't have the source, etc. please let us know by posting to the Report Section or simply click here.

    Let us avoid plagiarism. We need to be very strict when it comes to copyrighting because it could lead to the closure of this site. Do not forget the "source".

    Let us be honest.

    Thank you.

    Administration and Staff

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