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    The Forum Rules


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    The Forum Rules Empty The Forum Rules

    Post by Amazing on June 3rd 2012, 11:44 am


    1. No Flaming.
    Be nice to one another. You will be warned and your warn level increased and eventually it will end up getting you banned. This is not a place to take out your aggressions. We mainly mean flaming other members. Flaming other members is unacceptable.

    2. No Multiple Accounts.
    No having more than 1 account. If you are caught breaking this than all your accounts will be banned. We do random IP checks.

    3. IP Proxies.
    There is no reason to use an IP Proxy. If you are caught using one you could be banned for it. Also if you use one and you end up matching IPs with a banned user than you will be banned no questions asked. It is a simple fact that if you use a proxy than you have something to hide or are trying to trick us.

    4. Illegal Activities.
    Do not talk about doing illegal activities.There are sites dedicated to this so go there for that kind of stuff. This rule is mainly about trespassing and illegal behaviour. Try and keep the talk as legal as possible please.

    5. Spamming.
    An obvious one but still. I would suggest you post a minimum of 10 words per post. If we notice you are not doing this and frequently have 5 or less words quite often we will warn you to make your posts a bit longer. This is mainly for those who scan the forums and post like 20 posts in an hour which are all real short posts. In general try and add something to the topic besides "I agree" or something like "Cool something, something."

    6. Respect.
    This is a separate one from flaming since it is the opposite side. I personally want to try and urge all members to try and help each other out and not degrade each other. Now I am not talking about flaming since that is more severe. I mainly mean when someone has a question don't tell them to use the search button. I want you to try and be helpful to each other. This isn't really a punishment here but more of me trying to urge people to help each other when they need it.

    7. Hacks.
    You will not discuss anything about illegal programs. If you are caught breaking this than your account will be banned.

    8. Signatures.
    Only 2 signatures are allowed. Signature size should not be bigger than 440x160 or 400x200 pixels. Any type of video is not allowed to use as signature. No pornographic or any offensive content. Follow the exact size of the signature.

    9. ChatBox.
    ChatBox is for small talk. Please use only one language, ENGLISH. Do not post more than 10 times in a row.

    10. Forum Tags.
    Every usage of offensive words or anything related to a shitty behavior will be given a warning. At 2 warnings your TopSpammer/Legend/VIP Tag will be disabled, for an amount of time (depends on how grave the situation was).We will keep an eye especially on chatbox, not only on general forum posts.

    11. Forum language.
    English language is required for all sections except:
    - Localized Forums
    - Private and visitor messages, profile and other personal things
    All these sections are under moderation anyway. Localized forums are under moderation of Staff members who speak those languages. Personal messages are your own business, but they must not break the common rules.

    Thank you


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    Works : 193
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    The Forum Rules Empty Rules of Forum

    Post by Amazing on August 17th 2012, 10:00 am


    To share the good news of Jesus soon return. To share, to teach, to advice, to warn, all possible ways that we can do to for others.


    1. You must be a member of Tell the World Forum (TWF) to post messages or view the member's only area. One membership account is allowed per person. You must be at least 12 years old to be a member of TWF.

    2. Posts must be in harmony with the purpose of the TWF.

    3. Members are not allowed to reveal posted messages in the member's only section to non-TWF members.

    4. Links are allowed in posts only for the purpose of reference to topic in thread. No promotions or advertisements are allowed that are not in harmony with the purpose of TWF.

    5. No inappropriate images or avatars. No taking the Lord's name in vain or speaking offensively about Christianity.

    6. No personal attacks or statements that are unlawful, divisive, abusive, threatening, inflammatory, libelous, defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, indecent, pornographic, profane, untrue, or sexually explicit allowed on TWF or by TWF members on other forums, blogs or websites. No use of alternate characters which imply words which are not allowed.

    7. No posting copied text from other sources unless it does not violate copyright law.

    8. Discussion, but not debate, of differing viewpoints is welcome.

    9. English only must be used in forum, except in the special languages areas, where the designated language must be used. Do not use all-caps.

    10. Your permission to post is revocable at any time at the sole discretion of the owner or administrator. Posts may be deleted or edited without notice.

    11. Do not post questions or discussions of disciplinary actions taken. Do not challenge administrator or moderators concerning discipline.

    12. No posting of material from suspended/expelled forum members. No posting under a new username if you have been disciplined.


    1. First offense may result in a warning or suspension
    2. Second offense may result in suspension or expulsion
    3. Third offense may result in expulsion

    By registering and posting you acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules and you agree to follow them.

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