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    Ice cream and Chocolates Can Be Dangerous


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    Ice cream and Chocolates Can Be Dangerous Empty Ice cream and Chocolates Can Be Dangerous

    Post by Revealer on August 30th 2012, 5:53 am

    Ice cream and Chocolates Can Be Dangerous

    Do you know that the colorful looking tempting chocolates and ice creams can be dangerous to your health? Each one of us like to eat chocolates and ice creams, the mouth watering taste cannot be resisted in any case. But one should be careful while eating them especially when they carry these dangerous sides with them.

    1. Overloaded with Sugar – The first and most obvious danger that you might know is that these are overloaded with artificial sugar. This sugar can cause diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, hardening of arteries and lot more. In children it causes anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, hyperactivity and overweight.

    2. Harmful Chemicals – Many chemicals are added to keep chocolates & ice creams fresh; most of these chemicals are not healthy for the body.

    3. Artificial Colors & Sweeteners – The artificial flavors (to enhance the taste), saturated fat and coloring agent (to enhance the visual appeals) are added to these stuffs to make them look attractive and taste good, but these can harm liver and kidney.

    4. Caffeine - Chocolate is partially made of cocoa bean which is loaded with caffeine. Kids eating lot of chocolate are hyper due to presence of this caffeine.

    5. Fatty – Calorie content of ice creams and chocolates is too high due to presence of lot amount of sugar. These are quiet fattening and one can easily put on weight while eating such stuffs.

    6. Emulsifier & Thickeners – These are added to maintain the desired structure/texture and to enhance the smooth texture of ice creams & chocolates. These chemicals are harmful for the body can cause allergies too.

    7. Animal Source Ingredient – You will be shocked to know that these stuffs especially ice creams have products which contains animal source ingredient known as gelatin (made by boiling tissue, bones and skin of cows or pigs). Being a vegetarian you might be unintentionally eating it.


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