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    The Divisiveness of Theology

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    The Divisiveness of Theology

    Post by ManOfPeace on August 17th 2012, 12:45 pm

    Although theology is needed, doing theology can be divisive. At times this can be inappropriate and harmful. The article explores how negative effects of doing theology can be prevented.

    The Divisiveness of Theology
    Ekkehardt Mueller

    Before discussing the divisiveness of theology we have to define theology. D. F. Wright understands it as
    “teaching about God and his relation to the world from creation to the consummation, particularly as it is set forth in an ordered, coherent manner.”1 Along these lines we would suggest that in order to gain knowledge about God and enter into a relationship with him it is necessary to be engaged in theological thinking, that is, to look at and study what God has revealed to humanity. Doing theology is a privilege and an ongoing process which may lead those involved to an ever deeper understanding and greater appreciation of God and salvation and a vibrant relationship with Him. Ideally, theological thinking is not only done in isolation, but all believers are involved in this process, even though the church has employed specialists, who have been trained in theology and biblical studies>>>

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