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    Some Theological Considerations of Perfection

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    Some Theological Considerations of Perfection

    Post by ManOfPeace on August 17th 2012, 11:50 am

    Some Theological Considerations of Perfection
    Edward Heppenstall

    I. Biblical Teaching on Perfection

    The truth about perfection in Christian doctrine and experience is that which does justice to the biblical meaning and use of the word. The Bible teaches that the true Christian will grow both in grace and toward the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. He continually hungers and thirsts after righteousness. There is an earnest unashamed quest for spiritual holiness.

    Since the Bible exhorts the believer in every age again and again to "be perfect," then obviously the experience it advocates is not something which lies beyond the experience of those to whom the Word was addressed. It must be possible within the framework of the Christian life here on earth, otherwise there would be no point to the Bible writers urging perfection upon believers. This exhortation belongs to believers in all ages and not only those who live just prior to the return of our Lord.

    The only valid meaning to the words "perfect" and "perfection" is that which the Bible gives to it. It is therefore imperative that we study to grasp, as far as possible the Scriptural meaning and use of perfection and avoid arbitrary interpretations of our own>>>

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