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    The Sabbath and the Magisterial Reformers


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    The Sabbath and the Magisterial Reformers Empty The Sabbath and the Magisterial Reformers

    Post by JesSDA on August 17th 2012, 11:16 am

    This article examines the understanding of the Sabbath of the magisterial Reformers (Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli) in order to clarify their argumetns and reveal theological trends. The topic is developed in chronological order.

    The Sabbath and the Most Prominent Magisterial Reformers
    P. Gerard Damsteegt, Th.D.

    At the dawn of the sixteenth century, Christians were challenged to faithfully observe the many
    holy days and festivals that had been instituted by the dominant church during the Middle Ages.
    Faithful church attendance on these days was considered a means to obtain grace and was both
    required and obligatory for salvation. The biblical day of worship, the seventh-day Sabbath, was
    considered Jewish, while Sunday took on a sabbatical character and was observed as the Lord’s
    Day with great strictness. On that day, believers were expected to refrain from many types of
    activities, and any deviation from these requirements subjected them to ecclesiastical discipline.
    A growing number of voices were dissatisfied with this situation and protested, but to no avail.

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