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    Can a person who loses their mental abilities lose salvation?


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    Can a person who loses their mental abilities lose salvation?

    Post by JesSDA on August 17th 2012, 5:22 am

    Caller: Hi, how are you doing Doug?

    Pastor Doug: Pretty good!

    Caller: Umm, I guess ‘they’ should be on the ‘air’ tonight; I have a question that touches on about grace, but about loosing your salvation?

    Pastor Doug: Uh, huh;

    Caller: Umm, if a person confesses Christ, and is baptized, and believes, and ‘say’ this person comes down with dementia, okay; isn’t their name written down in the Lamb's book? I mean isn’t that person saved?

    Pastor Doug: Alright, that’s a good question and will you allow me to restate it before I answer; it’s just my personal statement seeing if I am answering the right question;

    Caller: Okay.

    Pastor Doug: If a person accepts the Lord, then afterward they are sealed, and .they receive the Holy Spirit; something happens and they experience some kind of physical, mental handicap where they can no longer comprehend things the way they did before, does that mean now that they have lost their salvation?...Some people do experience Alzheimer, dementia, or an accidental brain-damage; their behavior is altered; does that mean now that they are no longer saved? Absolutely not. God saves us based upon the commitment of our lives, when we have our reasoning powers and our decision to give our lives to Him; or the choosing of our will to give our lives to Him. If we lose those reasoning powers and we begin to operate from the carnal nature that we all have; we have a ‘brain stem’ that differentiates from the animal, you see and a; you know, some people who suffer dementia their not thinking with their cerebral or cerebellum, their thinking with their brain-stem. God is not going to judge us based on that.

    Caller: Okay.

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